SkyGlue Javascript Event Tracking API

Although you can use SkyGlue to track most of the user interaction automatically. You can also config event tracking at SkyGlue portal without developers. However, we got some requests to track events that are not able to track automatically or configured using SkyGlue portal. In these cases, you can use the following simple SkyGlue event tracking API (yes, we purposely make it similar to GA event tracking API, but just simpler, so you can easily use it.).
_sgq.push([“_trackEvent”,”Your Event Name”]);

For example, you just need to add the code like the following to your web page to track “page not found” event so you can know how a user gets to the error page:

What’s the benefit of using SkyGlue event tracking API vs. Google Analytics event tracking API?

With SkyGlue event tracking API, SkyGlue can automatically add user ID and timestamp to the events as other SkyGlue events so you can see the visitor’s event sequence in SkyGlue visitor reports. Of course, you can also see these events as Google Analytics events in Google Analytics event reports, same as other SkyGlue events.

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