No. not at all. We know page load speed is the first thing you question when adding third party code to your website.

Our code is carefully designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. SkyGlue’s java script is asynchronous, same as Google Analytics code. It means the code does not block the download of any script on your site. We host the javascript in a CDN network distributed globally so your visitors can get the JavaScript from the closest server to their location. The tracking runs within the browser while other page content is being rendered at the same time. What’s more, the tracking code connects directly to the Google Analytics Server and it has no impact on your website or bandwidth.

Many people have confusions about collecting personally identifiable information (PII) in Google Analytics versus collecting user-level information anonymously in Google Analytics. It is against Google Analytics TOS to store personally identifiable information (PII) in Google Analytics. SkyGlue uses Google Analytics approved public API to track user-level information and makes sure no PII data is sent to Google Analytics. The approach we used has been used by many advanced Google Analytics users (Of course, without SkyGlue, you need to code yourself). Google Analytics also collects user-level information anonymously using its __utma cookie.

In SkyGlue, all individual visitors are tracked by cookies based on Google Analytics’s own __utma cookie. No additional information on individuals (besides values in __utma cookie) is sent to the Google Analytics server when you track anonymous visitors.

You can set up registered visitor tracking in SkyGlue. For registered visitors, SkyGlue transforms the value of the UserID field you specified in custom rules to a format that is not personally identifiable. It is based on our hashing algorithm and the data is sent directly to the Google Analytics server. It’s impossible to identify a person with such an Id. No Personally identifiable information (PII) is sent to Google Analytics.

SkyGlue is complementary to Google Analytics. SkyGlue makes your Google Analytics more powerful and useful by simplifying GA’s advanced core functionalities.

Since SkyGlue is built on top of Google Analytics, it allows you to take advantage of all the rich features in Google Analytics. Click here to find out more details on GA and SkyGlue differences.

All websites using Google Analytics will benefit from SkyGlue. Using our tool, marketers, web analysts and website owners can easily implement Google Analytics event-tracking and receive web visitor insight.

SkyGlue is designed for non–technical people. Marketers, web analysts and site owners are able to implement SkyGlue without taking time away from their IT resources.

Google Analytics event-tracking is difficult to implement and not many Google Analytics users actually take advantage of this valuable feature. We wrap up the complexity of Google event tracking API with our patent-pending technologies. You do not need to be a programmer to implement event-tracking in Google Analytics.

You no longer need to shop around for event-tracking packages. All the features you need are already in Google Analytics for free, they are just too hard to use. SkyGlue saves you money and saves you time. SkyGlue brings real value to you.

Yes. You need to use Google Analytics in order to use SkyGlue since SkyGlue sends event data to your Google Analytics account.

SkyGlue requires no code instrumentation and it works with any language.

No. SkyGlue tracking is out of the box. You do not need to use any libraries or APIs.

Yes. Your data is fully encrypted and sent directly to Google Analytics. We help you easily collect in-depth data for Google Analytics. We do not collect or store your data.

No. SkyGlue’s patent-pending technologies make the integration completely code-free. No programming skills are required at all.

Simply copy/paste a snippet of JavaScript tracking code to your web page. It is the same process as setting up basic Google Analytics on your website.

SkyGlue’s patent-pending technologies make the integration completely pain-free. SkyGlue can be set up like a breeze with no learning curve and no coding is required.

No. SkyGlue is a SaaS-based fully hosted service in the Cloud. No software installation on either the server or the client side is needed.

Google Analytics creates those reports in your default account (e.g. default.com). However, you can easily copy them to your desired accounts (e.g. desired.com).

In the new Google Analytics (version 5), you will be prompted to select a profile upon generating the report. Choose the right profile and then click “Create Custom Report”.

In the old version of Google Analytics, after the custom reports have been created in your default account (default.com), you can apply them to another account in GA (desired.com). Click “Manage Custom Reports”. Then click “Import custom reports from other profiles” The list of reports in your default account (default.com) would show up in the dropdown box. Select those reports and click “Apply” to import the reports to the correct account/profile (desired.com).

Yes. You can pick either approach. Please check out the instructions here.

SkyGlue is now able to track non-PII web user inputs, such as text boxes and form inputs. You can set it up in your SkyGlue management portal. Please check out the instructions here.

Google Analytics Terms of Service does not allow websites to send personally identifiable information (PII) to its server.

We associate a cookie and a unique user ID for each visitor and track them using both custom variables and event labels (in professional account type and above) in Google Analytics. The user ID is a machine-generated userId based on the timestamp of a visitor’s initial visit and and a random number. Should you choose to track registered users, SkyGlue transforms the value of the UserID field you specified to a format that is not personally identifiable using our hashing-based algorithm and sends it directly to Google Analytics servers. No Personally identifiable information (PII) is sent to Google Analytics servers. You should not make any attempt to associate SkyGlue user ID with any personally identifiable information

You can install a WordPress “header and footer” plugin and place both your Google Analytics code and SkyGlue code in the plugin.

To locate the plugin. You can log into to your wordpress account, click “Plugins”, click “Add New” and search “header and footer” in the search box. A list of wordpress plugin would show up. Pick the plugin called “Header and Footer” and select “Install Now”.

After installation, go to “Settings”, click on “Header and Footer” and place the code in the appropriate area.

Here is a detailed list (https://www.skyglue.com/skyglue-tracking) of web elements SkyGlue can track for you.

SkyGlue charges one subscription per GA ID (e.g. UA-12345-1). You can use the same tracking code on multiple domains as long as they have the same GA property ID.

You can simply follow this link to separate SkyGlue from your Google Analytics account. https://accounts.google.com/b/0/IssuedAuthSubTokens?hl=en_US

SkyGlue can track most of the user interactions automatically. You can also configure event tracking in your SkyGlue portal without a developer. We sometimes receive user requests to track events that are neither automatically picked up by SkyGlue nor can be configured in their SkyGlue portal. In these cases, you can use the simple SkyGlue event tracking API to track events.

SkyGlue automatically takes advantage of your Google Analytics cross-domain tracking setup and can track visitors across domains. Here are the implementation details.

Yes. We have published an API to help you accomplish this. Please see detailed instructions here.

You can easily deploy SkyGlue with Tag Managers, such as Google Analytics Tag Manager. Here is the instruction.

Please see details on registered user tracking setup and reports here.

You can cancel your SkyGlue subscription by clicking on the order detail link in your renewal email notification. You can also contact us at info@skyglue.com to un-subscribe your account. You will not be billed after the cancellation.

Yes. SkyGlue fully supports Google Universal Analytics (GUA). Please follow the instructions to set up your SkyGlue tracking for Google Universal Analytics.

Yes. SkyGlue provides the options to enable or disable automatic event tracking on the entire site or on specific categories. After disabling automatic event tracking for the entire site or specific categories, you can add individual event tracking in your SkyGlue portal without changing your website code.  Please see details here.