SkyGlue Services

Google Analytics Implementation

Our experienced team can help you set up google analytics tracking and take you through the process of understanding your user interface. We can also audit your existing google analytics implementations and tag management implementations, evaluate your data integrity and find key areas for improvement.

Customized Dashboard

We can help you build customized reporting on any KPIs on the Google Data Studio platform. The reports are real time updated, easy to read, easy to share and suitable for your key decision makers.

Database design and creation

Our team can help you build customer centric database by exporting all user behavior data to your database in support of your personalized marketing campaigns across email, content and display advertising.

Channel attribution & optimization

We collect source, medium, campaign data from all sources and attribute them to each of your customer in your CRM. Channel data, cost data, sales data, even your customer’s web journey are side by side along each customer. You obtain closed-loop view your customers and understand customer lifetime value and lead qualification by each acquisition channel. Make wise marketing decisions based on results!

Personalized email marketing campaigns

Based on web user behavior data, customer web journey, their visit history and sales data, we can help you categorize website visitors and strategtize your personalized email marketing campaigns. Sending fully customized message to each of your customer, with the right content has proven to create the best return!

Data Integration

Our experienced team can help you with any type of Google Analytics, Databases & CRMs integration need.  We are experts with high business value data gathering and channeling. If you have any particular problems to solve with regards to your data. Get in touch with us!

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