Powerful Tools to Improve Conversion Rates

Funnel Analysis New!

Powerful retroactive funnel reports specifically designed
to identify pain points for visitor conversions

Improve conversion rate using your existing Google Analytics data.

Event Tracking Tag Manager

A tag manager specifically designed to simplify event tracking implementations

No code change needed to add or update event tracking tags.

Raw GA Data Export

Export individual-level Google Analytics data to database or Google BigQuery

Get fine-grained individual-level visitor data for better analytics, data modeling and data integration.


Database/CRM Integration

Track registered visitors and link web data with backend databases or CRM

Link web acquisition data/behavior data to external data sources for a complete picture of visitors and obtain accurate campaign ROIs.

Why SkyGlue?

Simplify your digital analytics process and
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Raw Data Export

Export all your tracking data to offline data storage and fields, even your campaign data and revenue data. You own all the historical data and are ready for any KPI reporting at any time.