Customer Testimonials

Collegis Education, a technology and solutions provider for the higher education industry, leverages SkyGlue to add an additional layer of data to Google Analytics. Collegis Education works with colleges .edu websites. SkyGlue gives them the ability to understand exactly how students and prospective students engage with their partners’ websites. With numerous pages on a typical university website, SkyGlue allows Collegis to prioritize content by understanding exactly how visitors move through the site. The result: students finding the information they need and more conversion.

“The student cycle is so complex and the journey of researching and exploring a potential college is a long one,” says Dan Antonson, Senior Digital Analyst at Collegis, “the data SkyGlue gives us helps us uncover patterns we normally wouldn’t have noticed with page-level tracking, this helps us prioritize our efforts to create a better student experience and ultimately more enrollments for our partners’ higher education institutions.”

Dan Antonson,

ENGINE is a renowned marketing agency in the UK.

“We are using SkyGlue with all our clients. It is the most useful add-on for Google Analytics as it allows us to further enhance the Google Analytics data and move from an aggregate view to an individual view. The ease of the implementation, the excellent support and the quality of the data makes SkyGlue the most important tag for all our web analytics work.”

“We have implemented SkyGlue on automotive, government, utility and ecommerce websites. Besides the automatic event tracking, SkyGlue allows us to map every individual journey (pages and actions involved and their exact order as well as the exact time needed for each journey) and in turn better understand how and why a success event occurs. This analysis resulted in a number of insights and recommendations for each of our clients. These insights and recommendations resulted in increased conversion rate (more leads, more requests for information, more sales and so on), redesigned website pages for maximum effect and better understanding how the marketing budget can be utilized.”

Efstratios Samaras,

“I am a business development manager at Due to nature of my job I get to do lots of marketing and to work with Web Analytics a lot. I use SkyGlue because it simplifies custom Google Analytics deployment very much. It is invaluable when it comes to setting up event tracking – I believe SkyGlue saved me at least 80{40d197c9430f88f907d4c0a4eefc4c9a7dcebee593d7a5e3156d69ac601435ba} of time I would have spent on initial set up of all the events manually. And what’s even better is that with Skyglue I installed code snippet on my site only once and then performed all configuration from the web interface. This makes the tool extremely flexible with website elements changes (which we apply very often during optimization tests). Another thing that amazed me is the ease with which I was able to segment my visitors into Current Clients and Anonymous Visitors using the custom variables. This gave me much more understanding of how my true clients behave versus casual visitors. I would recommend Skyglue to anyone who wants to tailor Google Analytics to meet their tracking goals quickly and easily.”

Sergey Smirnov,

“I oversee the digital analytic effort at, the top foreign language education website in China. We are very impressed with SkyGlue, especially their automatic mass tracking capability. With SkyGlue in place, we no longer need to manually deploy tagging. Also, SkyGlue gives us the ability to add and customize additional event tracking inside our management portal, without touching production code. This is invaluable to us since our website generates very heavy traffic. SkyGlue significantly reduced our production server down time. We are now able to easily segment visitors based on behavior rules and the ability to do so gives us lots of additional insight into our customers.”

 Ji Yang,

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