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“SkyGlue Inc.: Putting Google Analytics on Steroids!”

Dan Smith, CIOReview

“SkyGlue automatically tracks all HTML interactions, stitches together individual visitor interaction sequences, and allows you to branch from one visitor to others with similar behavior.”

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“Using SkyGlue with let you know exactly what works and what doesn’t so that you can make the change require for speedy growth.”

Tuneblogger, StartupTunes

“SkyGlue gives you additional data insight capabilities including individual visitor tracking and specific page content interaction.”

Adam Vincenzini, TheNextWeb

“When you look at their competitors, SkyGlue looks like they have a leg up. MixPanel and KissMetrics are standalone solutions, while SkyGlue is built on top of Google Analytics, thus allowing you to take advantage of all the rich features in Google Analytics.”

Monika Jansen Techcocktail

“SkyGlue, It’s Like the CIA For Your Website”

Nick Hughes, Business Insider