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Funnel Analysis New!

Powerful retroactive funnel reports specifically designed
to identify pain points for visitor conversions

Improve conversion rates using your existing Google Analytics data.

Event Tracking Tag Manager

A tag manager specifically designed to simplify event tracking implementations

No code change needed to add or update event tracking tags.

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More Advanced Tools for Professionals

Raw GA Data Export

Export individual-level Google Analytics data to databases or Google BigQuery

Get fine-grained individual-level visitor data for better analytics, data modeling and data integration.


Database/CRM Integration

Track registered visitors and link web data with backend databases or CRM

Link web acquisition data/behavior data to external data sources for a complete picture of visitors and obtain accurate campaign ROIs.

Why SkyGlue?

Simplify your digital analytics process and
use premium features in Google Analytics 360
at a fraction of the cost.

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In-Page Tracking Automation

Simply drop a piece of JavaScript code onto your website or through any tag manager. SkyGlue automatically identifies and tracks all user interactions on each page. You can choose to turn off auto tracking and add elements to track & customize them straight in your SkyGlue dashboard. More…

Single Customer View

Track any visitor click journey on your website across pages and across sessions. Collect user form input and display their organization and company names. Segment visitors on the fly based on behavior and hundreds of benchmarks. Go down one level of details on your website visitors and make web design changes based on evidence. More…

Funnel Report

Create your own instant funnel out of any user actions to see which step traffic drops the most and who are in those segments. Immediately begin to assess problems in your conversion process. Create better end user experience and improve conversion performance. More…

Raw Data Export

Export all your tracking data to offline data storage and fields, even your campaign data and revenue data. You own all the historical data and are ready for any KPI reporting at any time. More…

Raw Data Export

Export all your tracking data to offline data storage and fields, even your campaign data and revenue data. You own all the historical data and are ready for any KPI reporting at any time.

Database and CRM Integration

Close the loop! Send your GA data to CRM & database or send your CRM user data to GA. Find out where your sales are really from; know the source of your web leads and only invest on high conversion channels. Send offline sales data to GA and evaluate each marketing channel by actual revenue & optimize your re-marketing campaign for maximum return. More…


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Our happy customers

“Google does a great job with analytics, but SkyGlue takes what Google already created and gives you in-depth, accurate and actionable data that will help you make data driven decisions. SkyGlue as a partner has been a great experience as well, as a whole they are friendly and extremely helpful and always there when you need to jump on a call. If you’re looking for a way to track users paths and make your site better for the end user and optimize performance, we definitely recommend SkyGlue.”
Alex Rodriguez,

“We were looking for an easy way of analyzing our sales funnels with our Google Analytics data.  SkyGlue’s funnel report made doing this incredibly easy and saves our team several hours of painstaking work every month.”

Daryl Weber,

“SkyGlue’s robust event and visitor tracking has enabled us to easily to identify and track key actions on our clients’ websites and augment our Google Analytics tracking. In doing so it has allowed us to establish high-level engagement benchmarks, user funnels, and sales funnels that have greatly impacted our clients’ business and driven increased performance from our campaigns and revenue. I would heavily recommend SkyGlue to anyone looking to enhance their website analytics capabilities.”

Tim McCormack, BIGEYE

“I have been dealing with the Skyglue Add-on for the past 3 years and I have been able to make sound and accurate marketing decisions based on the value the tool provides. They support what they sell personally which is not the case with most software companies. I really enjoy working with them as they always have a great idea for us to try.”

Mike Blackmore, Harms Auto Group