SkyGlue Visitor Session Recording

Visitors Not Converting? Our Recordings Can Show You Why Record and replay everything on your website using Google Analytics data We are excited to announce SkyGlue's new feature - Visitor Session Recording.  This killer feature allows you to replay a visitor's journey on any website. You can easily identify pain points, boost conversions, study customer behavior and website usability. Coupled [...]

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Important Update Needed For SkyGlue JavaScript URL

The CDN (Content Delivery Network) SkyGlue uses for hosting JavaScripts was acquired by another company. They notified us that they are in the EOL process and will stop the CDN service in early 2021. We have migrated to a new CDN platform. It provides faster script load speed and more edge locations around the world. This EOL notification [...]

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Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics

GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics that is very different from Universal Analytics. It is said to provide AI-powered insights, track users across devices and provide more granular data controls. GA4 intends to use machine learning processing to fill in the gaps where business can't understand their customer base completely because users opt [...]

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Raw Data Export to Big Query and User Report

Direct Connection to GA User Report in SkyGlue View web visitor's online journey directly in Google Analytics In the past, you can only view the visitor journey report in your SkyGlue dashboard.  Now you have the option to click on the GA link next to each visitor and view their detailed activity inside your Google Analytics account. This feature gives you added [...]

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Introducing Enhanced Funnel 

Powerful and Retroactive Funnel to Identify Conversion Pain points Generate conversion funnels on-the-fly using your existing Google Analytics data Build retroactive funnels Compare funnels side by side from multiple time periods to understand how your web changes perform Drill down on the behavior of individual visitors in each funnel step and export the stats into excel.    [...]

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Introducing SkyGlue Funnel Report

We are excited to announce that the new Funnel Report is now available in your SkyGlue dashboard. SkyGlue funnel report is a very powerful feature helping you to understand conversions and customers. It allows you to create funnels instantly out of nearly any website user behavior and actions. The report is super easy to construct. [...]

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Update On Visual Interface Setup

Greetings from SkyGlue and happy new year! We hope you are off to a great start for year 2016! Enhanced event tracking overlay SkyGlue event tracking visual overlay has been a top-favored feature among our clients. We have recently enhanced it and made it easier to track HTML elements for mobile websites, popup modal components [...]

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CIOReview selects SkyGlue for 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers

PRESS RELEASE CIOReview selects SkyGlue for 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers Annual list showcases the 50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers; SkyGlue makes it to CIOReview’s top Google Technology Solution Providers list for its innovative technology to enhance Google Analytics! FREMONT, CA – April 15, 2015 – CIOReview ( has chosen SkyGlue [...]

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