Best Data Collection Add-on             for Google Analytics

Supercharge your Google Analytics with more insightful data without IT.

Just copy & paste one line of JavaScript code, you can track every click on your website, follow click path of each individual visitor, find out how to maximize ROI on your AdWords campaign and more.

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  • Event Tracking Automation

    Event Tracking Automation

    One-time copy & paste to track all events; Customize inside your web portal    More…               

  •  Event Tracking Visualization

    Event Tracking Visualization

    Our unique overlay technology displays events being tracked, right on your website  More…

  • Individual Visitor Tracking

    Individual Visitor Tracking

    Follow any visitor’s click path, know what they see, what prompts them to purchase or roadblocks exist    More…

  • Zoom in on Google AdWords

    Zoom in on Google AdWords

    Connect your visitor data directly to AdWords campaigns and know which keywords create real results    More…