There are three places you can access SkyGlue data/reports in your Google Analytics account.

Content Section in your GA account

In your Google Analytics account, you can go to Event tracking section under Content. Most of the relevant event data are under Overview, Categories, Actions and Labels.

Visitors Section in your GA account

In your Google Analytics account, you can click on Custom Variables under Visitors section. You should see “sgAnonymousUsers” which is a SkyGlue pre-defined custom variable and it contains a list of SkyGlue-defined userIds which represent individual anonymous users on your site.

SkyGlue custom-made reports

We have created some very powerful custom reports that give you more insights than your standard Google Analytics reports. If you have not logged in to your Google Analytics account, please log in first.

You will be directed to the “Create Custom Report” page inside Google Analytics. Click “Create Report” or “Save” at the bottom to create a custom report in your Google Analytics.

Get Started (Please get started with the following two reports)

More Reports (After you felt comfortable with the first two reports, you can try the following reports)

You will be prompted to select a profile upon generating the report.

You can also use UserIds to create cohort groups in “advanced segments” for cohort analysis.To see a list of userIds as integers, click “Visitors” then click “Custom Variables“. You should see custom variable “sgAnonymousUsers” and “sgRegisteredUsers (if you are tracking registered users)”.