Agency O Case Study I


Agency O helps shopping centers across the UK and France by implementing a re-targeting and predicative mechanism by using SkyGlue’s extracted database on web browsing data.

**To respect our client’s privacy, we keep client identities confidential.**

SkyGlue Technologies used

  • Automatic event tracking
  • Database export


Agency O uses SkyGlue to automatically track and collect user interactions on the websites of all shopping center the company works with. They combine website browsing data, email engagement data, and user mobile app instant push data to build a holistic view of each customer. The goal is to understand what customers are doing on their websites, what prospectors are interested in and to predict what they might do at a certain time and place. All data is stored and analyzed straight from the database.

At the individual level, the client knows how people are interacting on the app; they are notified if someone is in the center or has redeemed an offer. The client also knows the consumers’ engagement in emails and what exactly they are looking at on the website.

From a consumer’s point of view, the client can use data to make conclusions about customers. For example, assume Mr. Smith has been looking at wine related offers on the website. He is engaged with emails and has often visited the centers. Agency O can validate that data and conclude they should send him an offer that is relevant to him, from the conclusions they can draw from his website data and email data such as he is interested in wine.

“We use the SkyGlue data to help us understand a lot more on what our consumers are interested in so we can tailor the content more relevant to them.

From the app, we get where people have redeemed an offer, looked at an offer and the competition, etc. We see every browsing interest they have in there.

From the emails, we see what links they have clicked on, what they viewed or haven’t viewed on the email and see if they engaged with emails, etc.

On the website, we can see what pages they viewed, what content they engaged with, what they like and dislike.

“We combine all information together to get an initial view of the consumers. We can tailor emails and we can tailor the push messages to them. We can change the content of the app, we can change the content of the emails and we can also change the content of what offers are being pushed in real time.  SkyGlue is one of the building blocks to get a really rounded picture of that individual”   — JE,  Agency O