Agency O Case Study II


Agency O works with luxury car brand L to build the most personalized retargeting engine by using SkyGlue’s extracted database on web browsing data!

**To respect our client’s privacy, we keep client identities confidential.**

SkyGlue Technologies used

  • Automatic event tracking
  • Database export


Agency O uses SkyGlue to collect web user behavior data over a long period of time to build a rich database. They also host L’s CRM data, And have the ability to track the steps of everyone who has requested a brochure, gone for a test drive, completed the form for newsletters, and more. Agency O receives indications of any hand raising activity that indicates customers are interested in buying. Since Agency O has had SkyGlue on their website for a long time, the company knows if the individual has frequently browsed their page a lot,and can distinguish what he/she has been browsing on the website.

Agency O can see whether or not person A requested a brochure, and can also know if he clicked on an email link to connect his visitor ID to the data the company has about Person A in their CRM. They not only  can know he requested a model brochure, but also know he went on the finance calculator to calculate the savings Person A will need for  the company L’s Model GS. Agency O can now combine all this data to launch their re-targeting engine!

“When someone visits the website, if they are known to us because we have tracked them previously, we break them into categories, such as the configurator category, the finance category, etc. We categorize them and we see what they do.” – JE, Agency O

For example, if you came to the website to browse the car configurator, and viewed the L GS model. 24 hours later, you would get a follow up email with text like“Hello, we recently noticed you have been watching the L GS model. Would you be interested in booking a test drive?” The content on these emails are 100{40d197c9430f88f907d4c0a4eefc4c9a7dcebee593d7a5e3156d69ac601435ba} personalized to you, based off of everything you have looked at. Agency O matches that data back to the CRM database to see if you are considered a prospect or a customer. If you are a customer and own a L brand car, the content would change. If you are a prospect, the content would also change and we potentially could send you a discount coupon for a finance deal.

“We personalize the email content based on your online data (exactly what you have looked at). We combine that with offline data (what we know about you, you are a prospect or a customer) to personalize that email to you. ” – JE, Agency O