CRM Integration

There are multiple ways for you to integrate SkyGlue with your CRM system. You can integrate your GA data with Salesforce, Magento or any custom CRM system. This allows you to view your customer’s online activity report and connect your customers online behavior to offline data record.

As a more generic approach, you can use SkyGlue to send visitor ID, source, medium and campaign data to your CRM system directly from the lead form submission on your website.

Salesforce Integration

Send SkyGlue individual visitor activity report to your Salesforce portal and understand each of your customer’s online behavior. Integration is straight forward. Check out the demo and follow the step by step instructions.

Magento Integration

API plugin is available for out of the box integration.

Collect source, medium campaign data to your CRM

No matter what version of GA you are using, either traditional google analytics tracking (ga.js) or google universal analytics tracking (analytics.js), SkyGlue can extract visitor ID and campaign data to your CRM. Integration can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.