Options to disable SkyGlue automatic event tracking

SkyGlue can automatically track all on-page events on the website. However, some high traffic websites generate excessive events with this default setup. SkyGlue provides the options to enable or disable automatic event tracking on the entire site or on specific categories. After disabling automatic event tracking for the entire site or on specific categories, you can add individual events to track or track categories of events in your SkyGlue portal without changing the website code.

Enable/Disable SkyGlue automatic event tracking

The following categories of events are tracked automatically by SkyGlue. You can

  • disable automatic event tracking for all categories (entire site), or
  • disable automatic event tracking for one or more categories.
HTML Tags Enabled by default Can be disabled
Automatic pageview tracking Yes Yes
Automatic link tracking A, Link Yes Yes
Automatic Form tacking input, textarea, button, select, optgroup,option Yes Yes
Automatic IFrame tracking IFrame Yes Yes
Automatic Media/object tracking Video, Object, embed Yes Yes
Automatic Image tracking img Yes Yes

Please contact support@skyglue.com to set up your account.

Selectively disable automatic event tracking in your SkyGlue portal

If you want to disable automatic event tracking only for certain HTML elements, you can selectively disable those events.

Selectively add event tracking in your SkyGlue portal

You can selectively track in your SkyGlue portal the HTML elements you want to track without coding. Information on how to add event tracking in the SkyGlue portal is available at: Customize Event Tracking Tutorial

For advanced users,  you can specify your own values for event category, event action, event label and event values in your SkyGlue portal. You can use HTML attributes to dynamically generate event values. Please see instructions on options for event name values.