SkyGlue Features

One snippet of code does it all!

Adding one snippet of code to your website gives you the power to magnify the value of Google Analytics in every aspect. You’ll save time, money and increase marketing effectiveness and efficiency. SkyGlue pays for itself every time you use it. Here’s how:

Event Tracking made easy!

  • Cut & paste installation with no code editing
  • Track clickable events automatically
  • Customize from within the SkyGlue portal
  • No more calls to IT

Overlay technology shows exactly what’s tracked at a glance

  • Track-able events are highlighted visually, right on your website
  • No guess work
  • Find any event ID with a single click
  • Never hunt through pages of source code again

Individual visitor tracking

  • Track any visitor’s complete click path
  • Track anonymous or registered users
  • Track over multiple sessions, even on multiple devices
  • Used for added insight or powerful lead prospecting

Smart segmentation

  • Find similar visitors with a single click
  • Segment your visitors based on behavior patterns
  • Compare behavior of different demographic groups and geographic regions with ease
  • segment mobile users based on platform and behavior

Funnel Report

  • Create funnel report on the fly
  • Integrated with Google Adwords and Google E-commerce
  • Immediately begin to identify problems in your conversion process
  • Create better end user experience
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Check out the SkyGlue funnel overview

CRM integration & Database export

  • Link SkyGlue data with your backed CRM system
  • Integrate SkyGlue user report into your CRM dashboard
  • Segment subscriber list based on purchase history
  • Re market customers based on unique insights
  • Even export raw Google Analytics data to databases

More profitable PPC campaigns using AdWords

  • SkyGlue adds extra power to AdWords campaigns
  • Track ad content and keywords directly to results
  • Identify the keywords that get customers, not just hits
  • Save time and money knowing exactly which keywords work, and which don’t
  • Check out details on ad-words zoom in

Better B2B Lead Generation Capabilities

  • Know the company names of your website visitors and where they are from
  • Follow your visitors’ complete click path and know what their interests are
  • Follow up with your website visitors with confidence
  • Find out more on how to optimize your SkyGlue lead generation

Perfect for Mobile Apps

  • SkyGlue tracks all browsers on any device
  • Works on any website including mobile optimized pages
  • Compatible with all current platforms including HTML5, Android, iOS and more
  • Works well with latest Google Analytic, Google Ad Words and Google Tag Manager technology