How SkyGlue stores Google Analytics Data

The Google Event Tracking data model has the following components which map directly to elements in the Analytics Reports interface:

  • categories
  • action
  • labels
  • values
  • implicit count

Here is the definition of the event field in SkyGlue.

Field Required Google Definition SkyGlue Definition
Category Required The name you supply for the group of
objects you want to track.
Activity of the user. For example:
Action Required A string that is uniquely paired with each category,
and commonly used to define the type of user
interaction for the web object.
Time Stamp + Activity. For example:
Label Optional An optional string to provide additional
dimensions to the event data
User identification. This is a hashed value of the user id
on your website. Forexample:
Value Optional An integer that you can use to provide
numerical data about the user event
Not used
Once event tracking has been set up and working on your site for a day, you can go to the Behavior section of the reports to view events.