Usage Scenarios

SkyGlue’s enterprise-level solutions for Customer Experience Management are used by companies across the world.

While Google Analytics gives you global information about your visitors, SkyGlue shows you detailed information about each one of your visitors. For example, if you want to increase your conversion rate, you have to understand your visitors at a personal level!

Our customers use SkyGlue every day to solve a number of different business problems including:


  • understanding how a web site is being used
  • understanding metrics reported by Google Analytics
  • generating new KPIs and metrics for management reporting
  • gaining additional information and unique insight
  • complementing existing Google Analytic reporting


  • improving conversion rates for web page form submission
  • understanding page to page drop-off rates
  • understanding field-level drop-off rates
  • reducing shopping basket abandonment
  • reducing checkout abandonment


  • measuring visitor retention using cohort analysis
  • studying visitor life-time behavior across sessions
  • segmenting different groups of visitors, such as anonymous visitors, registered visitors and loyal visitors

Design & Usability

  • seeing how customers really use a web site
  • identifying problems and defects
  • supporting Multivariant Testing (MVT) programs

Customer Problem Resolution

  • resolving customer support requests quickly by seeing exactly what a customer has done on a web site
  • enabling technical teams to easily re-create customer problems to allow root cause diagnosis

Fraud Management

  • identifying abnormal customer behavior
  • identifying ad click frauds

Monitoring Customer Experience

  • monitoring the actual customer experience being delivered online
  • identifying delivery of a degraded customer experience
  • identifying unexpected customer demands on an online service.