Sending Database & CRM User Data to Google Analytics

Sending Database and CRM user data to GA

Google Analytics and other web analytics software only stored certain information about website visitors: traffic sources, number of visits, pages visited, number of conversions, etc. The missing pieces are transactions and revenue stats, which are stored in CRM software. Connecting CRM data to Google Analytics data allows you to evaluate the performance of online marketing channels based on actual revenue numbers.

You will be able to:

  • Measure the actual dollar value down to each ad, each adwords keyword or email;
  • Optimize your sales channel based on performance and revenue generated;
  • Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and map out customer life time value from online to offline conversions;
  • Build accurate multiple channel acquisition channel model in GA;
  • Create user segments based on lead status (warm/cold leads; how far a lead has progressed; etc.) and carry out online remarketing campaigns with smart and effective remarketing lists for targeted visitors.

Google Analytics user list report showing data from database/CRM:


Google Analytics user explorer report showing data from database/CRM:


SkyGlue currently supports integration with the following data repositories:

Relational and Analytics

Amazon Redshift Clipper dBase EnterpriseDB Foxpro
IBM DB2 IBM Informix Microsoft Analytics Platform System Microsoft SQL Azure Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Community MySQL Enterprise Oracle Database Pervasive SQL (Btrieve) Pivotal Greenplum
PostgreSQL Progress® OpenEdge® SAP Sybase ASE  SAP Sybase IQ Teradata

Saas/Cloud Data Sources Using Salesforce Lightning Connect ServiceMAX SugarCRM Veeva CRM
 FinancialForce Applications IBM dashDB IBM Db2 Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Oracle Database Cloud Service Oracle Database Exadata Oracle Eloqua
Oracle Sales Cloud Oracle Service Cloud Progress® Rollbase®  REST API Aurora PostgreSQL

Big Data

Amazon EMR Hive Apache Cassandra Apache Hadoop Hive Cloudera CDH Hive Cloudera Impala
 DataStax Enterprise Hortonworks Hive IBM BigInsights Hive MapR Hive MongoDB
Pivotal HAWQ Pivotal HD Hive Spark SQL


EDI data Flat files: CSV, TSV, Text files and more Healthcare EDI: HIPAA, HL7 and NCPDP XML
If your CRM or database is not on the above list. With a little tweak of setup, we can always make it work. Get in touch with us for details.