Data Separation

Creating a separate view/profile in GA for your SkyGlue data is very straightforward. Follow the instructions below to set up in one minute.

First, add a filter to your main Google Analytics view(s) to exclude SkyGlue data.

Add Event Tracking filter:

In your Google Analytics dashboard, visit this link: and select your account.

You can also get to the same page by clicking on the orange “Admin” button and then select the proper account under “Account“.

Click on the “All Filters” tab under Account, then click the “+New Filter” button and enter a filter name, e.g. “ExcludeSkyGlueEvents”.

Set filter type to “Custom Filter” and choose “Exclude” then select “Event Label” under “Filter Field” and enter “SgId::” for “Filter Pattern”. (Note: SgId stands for “SkyGlue ID”)

Select the existing views you want to exclude SkyGlue events for in the left panel and click “Add >>” to move the views to the right panel. Click “Save”.


Second, create a separate view/profile to store your SkyGlue data.

Create an separate view/profile for SkyGlue data:Click on the “Home” icon. Click on the “Admin” button and under “Account“, select the website account that installed SkyGlue code.

Under “View“, expand the drop-down menu, select “Create new view” from the dropdown menu.

Under “What data should this view track?”, select “Website”. You can give a name to the new view, e.g. “Complete Activity Data with SkyGlue“, then click on “Create View“. This is the view that stores SkyGlue event data.


If you have existing filters (e.g. filters to exclude traffic from yourself), you should also apply them to this view. To do that:

  • After creating the new view, it will be the default selection under “View(Profile)“.
  • Under this view, you can choose “View Settings“, then click on “Filters” on the left menu bar and click on the red colored “+New Filter” button.
  • You can select “Apply Existing Filter” and choose filters that you would like to apply to the new view. Don’t forget to click on Save when you finish.

Now you have finished creating a separate View/profile for SkyGlue data.

Note to existing users: If you are using “Page Title” based filter for SkyGlue events, please upgrade to this “Event Label” based filter. We will retire the “Page Title” based filter soon.)(Google Analytics added the event based filters in February 2012)