SkyGlue Visual Overlay

SkyGlue uses a unique overlay technology (patent pending) to give you a clear visual reference to every trackable event, right on your website. SkyGlue displays your website with links, images, forms and more in a color overlay.

The SkyGlue visual overlay comes in two modes: Setup mode and Verification mode.

Setup mode blocks the page navigation and allows you to bring up the attribute popup window whenever you click on an element, such as a link, an image or a button. You can use the information on the popup window to customize your event (track an event or rename an existing event) directly in your SkyGlue dashboard.

SkyGlue Setup Mode

Verification mode allows you to navigate around the website. Once you are on a particular page, you can mouse over any element and the attribute popup window will appear. Being able to access the attribute window directly in the SkyGlue verification mode minimizes switches between modes and allows you to more easily track HTML elements for mobile websites, popup modal components and Ajax components.

SkyGlue Verification Mode