Track Data Submitted in Web forms using SkyGlue

You can easily track data submitted in web forms using SkyGlue. (Note: According to Google Analytics Terms of Service, you cannot send personal identifiable information (PII) to Google Analytics. You need to make sure you only track Non-PII data using Google Analytics.)

Set up Form Data Tracking

To track data submitted in a web form, you can set it up in your SkyGlue portal easily.

Go to “Customize Event Tracking”; click on “Simple click events information”. Under “Element Name or Id or Link Text or SimpleRootPath”, enter the element name or ID of the form field you want to track. Then under “Event Name”, provide a name for the event and append “::nonPII” to it, e.g. “Search::nonPII“. That’s it.

The following is the screenshot to set up web form data tracking:


After saving the setup config, you can go to SkyGlue setup mode and refresh the webpage, you should see the web field you specified is highlighted in sold green lines. That means the data are tracked successfully.


View form data tracked by SkyGlue

To find a list users who submitted a web form, enter the following filter in SkyGlue user report’s optional filter field: “ga:eventCategory=@Submit::Form::“.