USA Wisconsin Ginseng Case Study I


SkyGlue helps the largest North America Ginseng producer & seller HSU’S Ginseng identify duplicate E-commerce tracking and corrects wrong revenue reporting.

Company Bio

HSU’S Ginseng was born in 1974 and sells Wisconsin Ginseng across the globe. It’s high standards for quality, purity and customer support has enabled the brand to be a World leader in American ginseng and its associated products.

SkyGlue Technologies used

  • Automatic event tracking
  • Registered visitor tracking



When analyzing the Google Analytics transaction report, we found many transactions show larger amount than the order values recorded in the client’s back-end order management system.


By analyzing the data, we found the transaction values are always multiples of the original order values. This indicate transactions are being tracked multiple times in Google Analytics.

To find out the reason for such duplicate transaction tracking, we zoomed in on the transactions that generated multiple records. By adding the “page” dimension as a secondary dimension, we found an extra transaction recording happened at the check order status page, in addition to the order confirmation page. We then tested the process and confirmed the check order status web page did send transaction tracking information for the order. As a result, when a visitor places an order and then checks order status at a later time, the same order ID is recorded two or more times, one on the order confirmation page (where it should be), one or more times on the check order status page (incorrect checking).


We worked with the client developers and guided them to remove the extra tracking code on the order status checking page.


After fixing the tracking issue, Google Analytics now tracks and shows correct revenue data for the website.  Getting data correct is fundamental for any reports that guide actions. The client uses GA revenue data to guide and budget campaign spending. Incorrect data will result in wrong spending and wrong expectations. SkyGlue helps the client fix the revenue tracking so they have the correct information to guide marketing spending.