USA Wisconsin Ginseng Case Study II


SkyGlue helps the largest North America Ginseng producer and seller HSU’S Ginseng detect failure on order checkout page.

Company Bio

HSU’S Ginseng was born in 1974 and sells Wisconsin Ginseng across the globe. It’s high standards for quality, purity and customer support has enabled the brand to be a World leader in American ginseng and its associated products.

SkyGlue Technologies used

  • Automatic event tracking
  • Registered visitor tracking



When analyzing the transaction report in Google Analytics, we noticed some transactions IDs are recorded multiple time, when each transaction ID should only be recorded once.  Our first thought is that the Google e-commerce tracking code might have been placed on multiple pages to have caused the code to fire multiple times. However, upon examination, we found no duplicate tracking issue exist.


When the aggregate level data analysis does not help, we needed to zoom in at the individual visitor level to find out what happened to these duplicate transactions.

We added SkyGlue visitor ID as a secondary dimension for these transactions in order to locate visitor IDs associated with these orders. This allows us to retrieve all details on these visitors in SkyGlue.

By analyzing the behavior of a couple of these visitors, we found they all visited the final step of placing order and reloaded the process multiple times. This indicates they may have came across issues when placing orders.

We tested the check-out and complete-order process in Firefox and it did not show any error.

We then analyzed more visitors and found the issue only happens with Chrome browser. We then tested the check-out and complete-order process in Chrome and got errors after clicking the “Complete Order” button.

This was a website bug that happened only in Chrome browser. When a visitor tries to place an order, the order processing has an error and the visitor gets the error on the website. He/she will likely try to place the order multiple times. The transaction was implemented to track the transaction even though the transaction failed on the website.


We reported the bug to the developers and they fixed the issue.


Customers were able to complete orders!  Google Analytics no longer shows multiple records for each transaction ID.