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How SkyGlue helped our own website – 2 (Deeper understanding of visitors)

SkyGlue helps you get deeper understanding about your visitors. Here is an example how SkyGlue helped us own engaging with our visitors better. we used to have only one image (the first one) in the image gallery at our home page. Since we are using SkyGlue ourselves, we found many people clicked the "next" arrow [...]

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How SkyGlue helped our own website – 1 (find website bugs)

As our users increase, we feel it is vital to let people know in a more direct way what benefits SkyGlue actually brings them. We are working on setting up some tutorials. Firstly, we like to share with you a few examples how SkyGlue helped ourselves. Yes, we are using SkyGlue on our own website! [...]

2020-04-01T21:03:11-08:00July 9th, 2011|Blog|2 Comments

SkyGlue on Business Insider!

SkyGlue is featured on Business Insider: We have received overwhelming signups/feedbacks/suggestions. We appreciate your warmest support and are very encouraged to see so many people wanted to try our product. Our goal is to help you improve your business. We have been sending out a large number of invitation codes recently and we are [...]

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