As our users increase, we feel it is vital to let people know in a more direct way what benefits SkyGlue actually brings them. We are working on setting up some tutorials.

Firstly, we like to share with you a few examples how SkyGlue helped ourselves. Yes, we are using SkyGlue on our own website!

A few days ago, we found some people contacted us through the “Contact us” form on our website. However, the form is no longer working even though the message said the email has been sent.

SkyGlue actually helped us notice the problem. We can see the visitor clicked the form fields and hit the submit button, but we did not receive any emails. We then verified the form indeed was not working. Without Skyglue, we would not have found it out. SkyGlue can help you find what’s not working on your website besides collecting more data for analytics purposes.

SkyGlue helped us find bugs on our own website!