Collect SkyGlue User ID in Form Submission

When submitting a web form, you can send SkyGlue user Id together with other form data (e.g. name, email, etc). In this way, you can see the web activities of a visitor using SkyGlue’s unique individual visitor report.

For example, you can integrate SkyGlue with Salesforce using this approach.

To add SkyGlue user Id in your form data, you simply need to add a hidden field using your preferred name in your web form code, e.g. webUserId.

You can set the value as either #sg_a_id# (SkyGlue anonymous user ID) or #sg_r_id# (SkyGlue registered user ID). SkyGlue will automatically replace these values with Id or each visitor. When the form is submitted, you can get SkyGlue Id together with other form data.

For example:

<input id=”webUserId” name=”webUserId” type=”hidden” value=”#sg_a_id#” />



<input id=”webUserId” name=”webUserId” type=”hidden” value=”#sg_r_id#” />


You can see more detail on SkyGlue visitor ID here: SkyGlue anonymous and registered visitor Id