SkyGlue’s enhancements over Google Analytics

SkyGlue provides multiple enhancements over Google Analytics (GA) to help digital marketers make data-driven marketing decisions. It provides the following enhancements over standard Google Analytics:

1. Better data collection:

SkyGlue collects detailed on-page event data so you can know visitor activities on a page. Visitor can have lots of interactions on your website, such as clicking a button clicks, open a popup window, filling out web forms. Standard GA pageview tracking cannot capture these interactions. SkyGlue can help you enhance the data in your Google analytics event reports.

SkyGlue event data collection can be fully automatic or configured in SkyGlue portal for fine-grained control. The event configured in SkyGlue portal can be in effect immediately. Without SkyGlue, you need to ask your developers to write JavaScript tracking code on your website to track these events and wait for code deployment. The process is time-consuming and error-prone.

SkyGlue can also help you track web form data submitted on your websites.

2. Better data reports

SkyGlue provides a powerful funnel report using your existing Google Analytics data so you can analyze how to improve your website’s conversion rate. The funnel report is generated on an ad hoc basis. SkyGlue’s funnel report is even better than Google Analytics 360’s funnel report. See Comparison among funnel reports.

SkyGlue also provides individual activities reports so you can zoom in to individual visitors in a segment (e.g. visitors who left funnel in the middle). Such report enables you to answer many “Why” questions about your visitors, such as why visitors left the funnel.

3. Better data integration

SkyGlue provide powerful data integration features to help you integration your Google Analytics with other data sources or use Google Analytics data in your apps or marketing campaign.

  • SkyGlue can export user-level raw data out of Google Analytics to databases or Google Big query.
  • SkyGlue can also help you integrate GA data with your CRM or backend databases.
MoreĀ  details are available at the documentation page.