5:35 pmApr. 18, 2011

Conversion funnel

Conversion funnel is a technical term used in e-commerce operations to describe the track a consumer takes through an Internet advertising or search system, navigating an e-commerce web site and finally converting to a sale.

2:04 pmMar. 7, 2011

My favorite Bloggers

Anil Batra Anil is a local analytics expert here in Seattle. He was mentioned in my previous blog on Individual Visitor Statistics vs Aggregated Data. He writes insightful thoughts on web analytics. Avinash Kaushik Best

5:10 pmMar. 1, 2011

Event Tracking vs Page View Tracking

Page View tracking measures which pages on a website are viewed by individual visitors, their refering urls and visitor geographic locations, etc. These are pretty standard statistics that a lot of web analytics software provides.

11:01 pmJan. 15, 2011

Cohort Study

Quite a number of my customers and potential customers ask me this question: "What is cohort analysis? How does it help boost my site's retention rate?" I think making post here will help more people

10:59 pmJan. 8, 2011

The Value of an Existing Customer

“In a perfect world, it’s both and everything in between. In the real world the general marketing rule is that retention is a lot more cost effective than acquisition…”                                 Carde Johnson - Forrester Research I