Export Google Analytics data to databases

Have you wished that you could enjoy Google Analytics premium account's feature without paying premium price? Now you can do it with SkyGlue! We are really excited to share with you this key project at SkyGlue: Export individual visitor data from GA to databases In the last newsletter, we introduced SkyGlue's new feature that allows [...]

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Identify registered visitors in your SkyGlue portal

We have just introduced a new feature that allows you to identify registered visitors and study their behavior. On your SkyGlue user report, you might have noticed a new search box we recently added. This allows you to identify the click path of registered visitors that matches the user ID you entered. Once your have [...]

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Integrate SkyGlue with your back-end CRM system

Many of you requested the ability to tie SkyGlue data with your backend CRM system, such as Magento and Salesforce. Since SkyGlue tracks individual visitors, we realize how powerful it can be to integrate SkyGlue with your CRM system. This opens up opportunities in every area of your analytic and data intelligence, for you can [...]

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SkyGlue October Newsletter

Greetings from the Silicon Valley! I hope your website is thriving and you are having fun. Here's what's new at SkyGlue: SkyGlue now supports Google Universal Analytics We have noticed more clients are now using Google Universal Analytic (GUA) on their website and we received many inquiries on how to integrate SkyGlue with GUA. Universal [...]

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Introducing Conversion Report

SkyGlue introduces conversion report to help you to get the insight of conversion for a particular use case. Compared to GA conversion report, SkyGlue provides you several additional benefits: Benefits SkyGlue Compare to Google Analytics Improved tracking for better accuracy Cross-session(visitor) based tracking Session based tracking Immediate result You can set up the report and [...]

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Google Analytics team endorses SkyGlue

We have some great news to share. Google Analytics Users Love SkyGlue: The team at Google Analytics has endorsed SkyGlue and we are now featured on the Google Analytics App Gallery. We can be found in the Data Collection category. Our customers are responding with terrific reviews. Skyglue is rated 5-star. If you haven’t added [...]

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A Reality Check on your Google Adwords Effort through SkyGlue

Are you running Google Adwords Campaigns on your website? If you DO, read on... Do you want to find out what search terms people are using to land on your ad.? What search terms are popular? Did you miss any search terms that could potentially bring you business? If you DO, read on... Finding the [...]

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Demystify Google Analytics Visitors Flow

We have been working hard to improve SkyGlue website to provide our customer the best information. Here is one recent example that we are able to use SkyGlue to help ourselves to demystify the result of Google Analytics Visitors Flow. Here we go. when we first looked at the visitor flow, we found the drop-off [...]

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Introducing Weekly and Daily Retention Report with SkyGlue

The monthly retention report we introduced early has been well-received, as you can statistically measure user engagement and find out how sticky your site is. But monthly retention does not seem to be enough for everyone. Some businesses want to see weekly or even daily retention, these are especially useful for PR agencies who need [...]

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