Great News! Google Analytics just made two big announcements:

1, Google Analytics premium now available for enterprise customers

2, Real-time feature available for both free and paid version

We feel this is an exciting move for Google Analytics. It is acting to meet the needs of enterprise customers who want customer support and guarantees. In the meantime, Google makes it free version even more attractive (already the most poplar engine in the world) by letting people see real-time data.

This is a huge momentum, we believe more and more clients to moving towards choosing Google Analytics over other solutions as Google Analytics covers most of what other solutions offer, if not more.

Here for your convenience, below is a comparison chart for Google Analytics premium and standard version.

GA Premium
GA Standard
  • $150,000.00
  • Free
Processing power
  • 1 billion hits per month
  • Freshness – report data is guaranteed to be no older than 4 hours
  • Table aggregtion set at 1 million rows
  • 50 custom variables
  • Unsample report downloads
  • 10 million hits per month (above this data is sampled)
  • Freshness – no guarantees, though for sites with between 50k – 1m hits/day, freshness is typically 3-4 hours. Above 1m hits/day, reports are processed once per day
  • Table aggregation set at 50,000 rows
  • 5 custom variables
  • Table data sampled when more than 500k visits are processed for a web property
Exclusive Features
  • Big query integration – run SQL queries against your data
  • DoubleClick Integration – impression, cost, view-through data, re-marketing information
  • Multi-channel attribution modelling
  • 3 year data retention
  • Real-time data
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 25 months data retention
  • Real-time data
Service-Level Agreement
  • Yes
  • Data collection uptime = 99.9{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6}, Reporting uptime = 99{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6}
  • Data freshness = 98{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6}
  • Client formally owns all collected data i.e. ring fenced system
  • No
  • No guarantees
  • Data ownership is a gray area as data is replicated and distributed over the entire “cloud” i.e. not possible to isolate a particular dataset
Services & Support
Included with fee*:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Dedicated account management
  • Support – Telephone & email
  • 24/7 support emergency escalation

Provided by official authorized Google Analytics Certified Partners only.

  • Open market – users may purchase professional services from whom they wish
  • Third party network of over 200 Google Analytics certified partners