We have been working hard to improve SkyGlue website to provide our customer the best information. Here is one recent example that we are able to use SkyGlue to help ourselves to demystify the result of Google Analytics Visitors Flow.

Here we go.

when we first looked at the visitor flow, we found the drop-off rate for landing page to “How it works” page was terrible, 91.4{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6}. Our immediate reaction was “OMG, …”, then we looked at traffic entering “How it works” page from other pages, it was not that bad, the drop off rate was 39.4{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6}. What is going on here?

Google Analytics Visitor Flow

We turned to SkyGlue for help, first, we created an new GA segment called “Landing Page – How it works” and digged out all the visitors using this segment. And we discovered top 2 users accounts for half of the visits.
SkyGlue User List - Landing Page - How it works

Then we dived into each of the users and found the answer immediately, one user visited “How it works” 18 times and left without doing anything else…It is clear that one user contributed to half of the drop off…
SkyGlue User1

What is the message to you? Do not take for granted the statistics reported in Google Analytics. Finding out the stories behind is the key to guide you on actions!