Anil Batra
Anil is a local analytics expert here in Seattle. He was mentioned in my previous blog on Individual Visitor Statistics vs Aggregated Data. He writes insightful thoughts on web analytics.

Avinash Kaushik
Best blog on web analytics. Most well-known person in the field; not to mention his most popluar book Web Analytics 2.0. You got to read his blog to stay current on innovations and trends in web analytics. I am thrilled he emailed me back on my comment on his article Mobile Analytics: Tracking Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Campaigns

Akin Arikan
Great post on ROI measurement. He reads every comment and responds to commenter with well thought-out and insightful conversation. A must read blog.

Gary Angel
Gary is a classic writer. Excellent posts.

Jim Novo
Jim blogs about customer lifetime value (CLV), retention and engagement; lots of commonalities with SkyGlue.

Justin Cutroni
Expert on Google Analytics. Loved his post on Celebrating Our Analytics Relationships. I am amused with his mentioning of the relationship between IT and business. SkyGlue’s tag-free event tracking should make both parties’ job easier. In addition, every GA user should read this The Executive’s Guide to Google Analytics.

Marshall Sponder
Marshall discusses the fundamental question “Does web analyst know what customers want?” in The Analytics Zone in Social Media Monitoring. As web analytics companies, we all ought to think about it.

Michele Hinojosa
MIchele’s post on Want to grow the analytics workforce? Go out and get ‘em reminds me we all have a mission in helping to grow the field.

Eric Peterson
Eric is a true expert in web analytics field. His post of Free webcast on Tag Management Systems on Jan 25th rings a bell with the complexity of event tracking tagging. Gladly, we share the same vision and are looking for ways to improve. Again, SkyGlue’s tag-free event tracking would make web master’s job a lot easier.

Let me know if there are other blogs I should add here. Thanks!