Direct Connection to GA User Report in SkyGlue

View web visitor’s online journey directly in Google Analytics

In the past, you can only view the visitor journey report in your SkyGlue dashboard.  Now you have the option to click on the GA link next to each visitor and view their detailed activity inside your Google Analytics account. This feature gives you added flexibility for reviewing data under multiple dimensions and platforms.


Export Raw Data to Big Query using SkyGlue

SkyGlue now can help you to export Google Analytics raw data to BigQuery, besides databases and Amazon RedShift.

Why export your data to Big Query?

  • Big Query is designed with Google level scalability in mind and can house high volumes of data. You will not encounter scalability issue as data volume increases.
  • Big Query boasts high performance and is optimized for query on a large dataset.
  • No additional work needed to setup and manage the database.
  • Data storage and query cost varies based on data volume. You only pay for what you use.


SkyGlue Services

In order to help you gain more practical insights from your website tracking and your data, SkyGlue offers advanced services and integration support. The services are unique and deeply customized to your need, and tied to your data!  Our experienced team can provide consulting, strategy and implementation to help you gain significant data intelligence and grow business!