SkyGlue introduces conversion report to help you to get the insight of conversion for a particular use case. Compared to GA conversion report, SkyGlue provides you several additional benefits:

Benefits SkyGlue Compare to Google Analytics
Improved tracking for better accuracy Cross-session(visitor) based tracking Session based tracking
Immediate result You can set up the report and view results immediately because the report can retrospect the data collected in the past You have to set up the conversion report first, then wait for GA to collect the data to be able to see the result
Complete result for analysis Provide both aggregated result and individual visitor drill down Aggregated one result of conversion rate
Also provide detailed information for those NOT converted Can only study conversion path


Here is a short introduction of the conversion report and how to use it.

How it works?

The basic idea of SkyGlue conversion report is based on how people interact with the site. We think conversion should reflect how customer achieves a goal on the website over a time period, not just how the goal is achieved within a particular session (in GA it is a 30 minutes block). The main reason is that people usually interact with the site multiple times before they convert to a customer or make a purchase.

Because SkyGlue has the ability to track people at an individual level, it allows us to design a conversion at visitor level to truly reflect how the customer interacts with your website. The simplest way to understand the conversion is to create two groups of people:

  • Source group – people who visited the website from a particular source
  • Target group – people who completed a specific goal on the website

The conversion rate of the goal is the ratio between who are in both source and target group and all the people in source group.

How to use it?

The way for SkyGlue to identify a group of people is to use Google Analytics (GA) Advanced Segment plus a time period. Google Analytics Advanced Segment is an effective tool to identify a group of people sharing common behavior. Once the segment is created in GA, you can then choose it from the segment dropdown in the Conversion Report.

In order to generate a conversion report, you need two segments

  1. One segment to represent people who are the source group of conversion, as well as the time period to identify a group of people.
  2. Another segment to represent the people who are in the target group, as well as the time period to identify that group of people.

That’s all the information you need, once you submit the request, SkyGlue will return you the following

  1. A summary of conversion rate, percentage of people converted
  2. A list of people converted, for each person on the list, you can drill down to find out the detailed activities of the person
  3. A list of people not converted, for each person on the list, you can drill down to find out the detailed activities of the person

Now let us use an example to walk through this:

First choose two segments and time period you wish to analyze. In this example, the source group is all the people visited between 1/1/2013 and 2/28/2013, the target group is people who actually paid between 1/1/2013 and 3/17/2013.

Then click submit, you will get the result, from the result you can see 11 people made the payments (converted), which represent 2.96{3219a3b63c53d005d3cca3cd86f6c5ddabb5eb17d9c978e18728be2631d9f4b6} conversion rate. You can see the conversion rate is pretty low. Then you can look the list of people converted and not-converted and then you can click into

  1. Those converted to find out how to enhance the conversion path already works
  2. Those individuals not converted to find out why they dropped

Now it is time for you to explore this tool. Please let us know your feedback and we love to hear from you.