Powerful and Retroactive Funnel to Identify Conversion Pain points
  • Generate conversion funnels on-the-fly using your existing Google Analytics data
  • Build retroactive funnels
  • Compare funnels side by side from multiple time periods to understand how your web changes perform
  • Drill down on the behavior of individual visitors in each funnel step and export the stats into excel.                                                                           funnel report

Turn one funnel into multiple funnels by switching between different dimensions such as source, medium, campaign, keywords, city and a lot more. Over 100 dimensions to choose from.                                                                                                                                                                              skyglue_funnel

SkyGlue Funnel vs. GA Funnel vs. GA360 Funnel
  • Interested in finding out how SkyGlue funnel is different from GA standard funnel and GA 360 funnel?