We are excited to announce that the new Funnel Report is now available in your SkyGlue dashboard. SkyGlue funnel report is a very powerful feature helping you to understand conversions and customers. It allows you to create funnels instantly out of nearly any website user behavior and actions.

The report is super easy to construct. SkyGlue allows you to pick conversion funnel steps directly from your SkyGlue User Report and generate funnel reports right away to get the conversion chart and details.


Since SkyGlue is built on top of Google Analytics, it preloads all of GA’s drill-down dimensions (Google Adwords, Google E-commerce, Traffic Source, Custom Dimensions, etc.) and allows you to view funnel report and steps under various dimensions such as location, campaign, keywords, device, browser, etc. You also have the option to see the report as either an Open Funnel (where a user can enter the process at any step) or a Closed Funnel (where a user must follow every step defined in the funnel).  

What is unique about SkyGlue funnel report is it gives you the option to view all individual visitors under each funnel step and even their detailed click-path. You simply click on each step to retrieve the SkyGlue user report.  This level of detail under a funnel report is only available with SkyGlue.  

You can use SkyGlue to create funnel report based on page. If you have an e-commerce website, It would be vital to understand how many visitors landed on your product page, accessed the add-to-cart page, went to the login page and eventually hit the checkout page.

Sometimes if maybe beneficial to create funnel report solely based on event. On your lead generation form, you may want to to monitor user navigation on the form fields and find out where is the biggest drop off step and figure out why.

Often times, it is necessary to create conversion funnel steps with a combination of both page and event. When visitors finally reached the credit card checkout page, you many wonder why some of them did not hit the most important “Purchase” button.

SkyGlue funnel report allows you full flexibility in creating various funnel steps and understand conversion rate. With SkyGlue custom funnel report, you can immediately begin to identify problems in your conversion process, create better end user experience and improve conversion performance. We want SkyGlue to help with the questions you desperately need answers for!

Log into your SkyGlue account and create your funnel report NOW!