We have just introduced a new feature that allows you to identify registered visitors and study their behavior.

On your SkyGlue user report, you might have noticed a new search box we recently added. This allows you to identify the click path of registered visitors that matches the user ID you entered.

Once your have set up registered visitor tracking inside your SkyGlue portal, you can either supply a SkyGlue registered user ID or a user ID from your backend CRM system. For details on how to utilize your own ID to retrieve SkyGlue data. Please see our API that allows you to override SkyGlue user ID.


Here are two screen captures that show how our client Decor Price uses their own user ID to retrieve user path in SkyGlue. Data is for demonstration purpose only.

Knowing who did what on your website tells a lot about your website visitors. You probably already have ideas on how to utilize the data. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Note: Please be sure to set up your registered visitor tracking inside your SkyGlue portal before using this feature.