Many of you requested the ability to tie SkyGlue data with your backend CRM system, such as Magento and Salesforce. Since SkyGlue tracks individual visitors, we realize how powerful it can be to integrate SkyGlue with your CRM system. This opens up opportunities in every area of your analytic and data intelligence, for you can then better understand the behavior of your customer! To name a few measures you can take:

1, Discover your customer experience online, know where confusions are and improve accordingly;

2, Find out the most effective sales path on your website;

3, Segment your subscriber list based on purchase history;

4, Follow up your customers confidently with their purchasing habits in mind;

Recently, we helped our client Decor Price to successfully integrate SkyGlue into their Magento customer management system. The result is just amazing!

Below is a screen capture from their Magento Admin portal.

At the courtesy of Decor Price, we have obtained the distribution package of the integration module. Check out the detailed implementation steps here.

If you would like to integrate Google Analytics data into your CRM system using SkyGlue, please get with us. We can help with the implementation.