We would like to to take the opportunity to present a small tip on using SkyGlue along with a customer insight quote on how they use SkyGlue’s raw data export. We hope you find them useful in your holiday tracking strategy with SkyGlue.

Capture user input

SkyGlue can help you capture user input in online forms, such as search boxes and sign up forms.  You can append {%DataEntry} to your customized event names in your SkyGlue portal and begin tracking data input.  Here is an example event name that contains user input tracking:


For additional information, please checkout this link.

If you have not experienced the ease of customizing event names directly in your SkyGlue portal, feel free to check out our video tutorial.

Export GA raw data to databases for actionable insights

SkyGlue’s raw data export has been a popular feature among SkyGlue customers. SkyGlue can directly export GA raw data (unlimited dimensions) to databases or text files and store them in the secure cloud storage.

The historical data allows you to produce custom reports and direct various marketing efforts. You can also directly integrate the data with your CRM systems and back-end databases for personalized marketing.

Raw data accessibility is a key feature offered in Google Analytics premium accounts. SkyGlue gives you this benefit in a more affordable fashion. Take a look at how one of our outdoor accessory retailers is using the data:

“we will be capturing the clickstream data (skyglue events) when our existing customers come back and browse our site. We will then personalize our email marketing to these customers according to the items/categories they showed interest in based on their browsing patterns.  We hope this will increase our ability to show the right items at the right time and therefore increase our conversion rates.”

Check out the information sheet to see what data can be exported. With our technology, data sampling can be minimized or avoided even for very high traffic websites.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in exporting your GA data!