Greetings from SkyGlue and happy new year! We hope you are off to a great start for year 2016!

Enhanced event tracking overlay

SkyGlue event tracking visual overlay has been a top-favored feature among our clients. We have recently enhanced it and made it easier to track HTML elements for mobile websites, popup modal components and Ajax components.

If you wanted to customize an event name, in the past, you would have needed to bring up the attribute popup window by toggling to SkyGlue setup mode. Verification mode then would have allowed you to navigate to various pages. Once you were on a particular page, you would have had to switch back to the setup mode in order to bring up the event attribute popup window to tag events. This can sometimes be cumbersome.

The enhancement now allows you to access the event attribute popup window in either SkyGlue mode. In SkyGlue verification mode, you can bring up the attribute window for any event, such as a link or an image by placing your mouse over it. This minimizes switching between the setup mode and the verification mode and comes in very handy for you to grab event attributes in either mode. You can customize events entirely in the SkyGlue verification mode if you prefer, without moving back and forth between modes. To find out more, please visit our visual overlay section.

Details on exporting GA raw data to databases

SkyGlue’s raw data export has been a popular feature among SkyGlue customers. SkyGlue can directly export GA raw data (unlimited dimensions) to databases or text files and store them in the secure cloud storage.

Many customers ask for details on data structure and table relationship etc. Please check out the information sheet and send us your questions.

The historical data allows you to produce custom reports and direct various marketing efforts. You can also directly integrate the data with your CRM systems and back-end databases for personalized marketing.

With our technology, data sampling can be minimized or avoided even for very high traffic websites.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in exporting your GA data!