Greetings from the Silicon Valley! I hope your website is thriving and you are having fun. Here’s what’s new at SkyGlue:

SkyGlue now supports Google Universal Analytics

We have noticed more clients are now using Google Universal Analytic (GUA) on their website and we received many inquiries on how to integrate SkyGlue with GUA. Universal Analytics is a great feature and a great move by the Google Analytics team. As GUA becomes more mature, we have added support in SkyGlue. If you plan to use GUA with SkyGlue, please follow instructions on this link with your setup:

Video Tutorial on SkyGlue Event Tracking Customization

Many of you use SkyGlue’s event tracking customization feature to customize existing event names, introduce new tracking, and track web form input. It is a very convenient way to customize event tracking without touching production code. We want to bring to your attention that we have a video tutorial that guides you step-by-step through event tracking customization.

Please check it out here and see the power of SkyGlue!

SkyGlue Selective Tracking

High traffic websites will love our new feature: SkyGlue selective tracking. You can disable categories of event tracking on your website. SkyGlue also gives you the flexibility to introduce new tracking for individual elements on your website. This is especially helpful if your websites generates a large amount of events or if you want to avoid GA report sampling.

Earn a Free Month of SkyGlue

SkyGlue is growing, thanks to you. Many of our customers came to us as referrals from SkyGlue users. We’ve come to realize the power of word-of-mouth, and want to show our appreciation. For a limited time and beginning now, every referral earns you a free month of SkyGlue. Keep spreading the word.

More Excellent SkyGlue Reviews on Google Analytics App Gallery

SkyGlue has received more top-rated reviews from clients like you. Please check us out. If you haven’t added a review, we’d appreciate it. The more 5-star reviews we get, the more people we can add to this growing SkyGlue community.

Keep sharing your success stories with us and let us know if you could use other new features. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and your feedback truly helps.


The SkyGlue Team